I cannot wait for the opportunity to listen to all speakers who will present at MCON13. However, I am stoked for three speakers in particular.

Mike Del Ponte | Soma

According to the December 24 issue of Forbes magazine, Mike Del Ponte is “up and coming.”  Six years ago, Del Ponte founded Sparkseed, a non-profit that uses entrepreneurism instead of volunteerism. Sparkseed takes college students’ ideas and turns them into businesses. One of his most interesting concepts is his style of leadership. Instead of giving entrepreneurs or investors business cards, he bonds with clients by doing something outside of their comfort zone – Sky Dive. In 16 months, Del Ponte helped BranchOut grow to 25 million users. A short time after, he helped found the highly successful water filter company known as Soma. He became the CEO of Soma and developed a sustainable water filter made of coconut. I am excited to hear what Mike has to say about connecting with Millennials at MCON13 – it is okay to jump out of your chair from excitement!


Paul Schmitz | Public Allies

Paul Schmitz is the CEO of Public Allies, a nonprofit that carries the catchy slogan “Everyone Leads.” The mission of Public Allies is to strengthen communities, nonprofits, and civic participation by progressing new leadership. Public Allies has seen about 5,000 Allies complete the program. Paul Schmitz is also the author of Everyone Leads – what else would the title be? This inspiring book is about developing leadership possibilities within one’s self and their community. This must-read book includes concrete examples on how we can unite and lead change in our communities. My desire to get involved with my community creates an aspiration to see what Schmitz has to say at MCON13; Paul will cover the topic “Millennials Get Involved.”


Jose Antonio Vargas | Define American

One of the most interesting authors, Jose Antonio Vargas, writes about immigration. He defines America by how he portrays himself, what he writes, and what he believes in. Two years ago, Jose stood firm and disclosed his life story in the New York Times; he presented to the country that he was an undocumented millennial immigrant.  He continues to fight for transformation for all undocumented immigrants and encourages individuals to share their role, values, and story that helps them define American. He has presented himself on The O-Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report, and Nightline. I am excited for the opportunity to listen to such a sophisticated writer. The Pulitzer prize-winning journalist will speak about the Millennial Movement at MCON13, July 18.