Since, 2010 we have been researching Millennial behavior to challenge assumptions and discover ways to involve this new generation of leaders. Over three years we have found this generation willing and excited to give of their time, talents and treasure when they are inspired and provided with meaningful opportunities.

Organizations big and small are taking note and starting to plan to be more inclusive of this generation. They understand the return for the future is worth it. In 2013, Achieve has big plans to continue this research and engage nonprofit leaders in new ways to further expand their knowledge and ideas of how to reach Millennials.

But first we need your help!

Please share our 2013 Millennial Impact Survey to your nonprofits networks (and if you are of the Millennial generation take it yourself!). The more people we reach, the better the data we will have to share with you. Include it in your newsletter, tweet it out, post it on Facebook – anything you can do helps.

Survey link:

Sample message to get you started: 

  • Were you born between 1979-1984? Then congrats you are a Millennial. We want to know how you are making an impact.
  • Are you a millennial? Share what you love about nonprofits and your biggest pet peeves in our survey.
  • What change do you want to see in the nonprofit sector? Tell us how you connect, involve and give. Become a part of the impact – take our survey now:

The survey closes March 8.