By Jackson Griffey, MCON13 Promotions Intern 

MCON13 is a chance for Millennials to engage with their favorite nonprofit and organization thought leaders. Each week leading up to MCON13 the Achieve staff members will be sharing what speakers they are looking forward to.

My name is Jackson and I am an intern at Achieve. As part of the Millennial generation, I am personally excited for three speakers.

Jessica-Mason Bio




Sophia Bush

As a longtime fan of Sophia through her acting work, I have become aware of her multiple philanthropic efforts as well. Any follower of Sophia, through Twitter, Facebook, or her blog, can easily see that she raises awareness for many causes. When Millennials see one of their favorite actresses advocating for causes, they are motivated to do the same. While being visible on social media, Sophia opens the path between her Millennial fans and various nonprofits and organizations.  In 2011, she won awards for her philanthropic efforts through social media including the Do Something Twitter Award and a “fan favorite” on Facebook for her constant campaigning of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill clean up efforts. These awards show why Sophia is a perfect choice for the headlining speaker at MCON13.

Jenna Golden

Jenna is a lead partner at Twitter who works with nonprofits and political campaigns. Twitter is one of the biggest mediums for nonprofits and campaigns to advertise their causes to Millennials. Being one of the most popular forms of social media allows organizations to spread their cause to different generations, including Millennials. I am excited to see how Jenna uses this knowledge to expand campaigns across Twitter.

Jessica Mason

YouTube is another large platform for campaigns and nonprofits to present their causes to Millennials. Jessica Mason manages the YouTube for Good team, which creates the tools needed for nonprofits, educators, and activists to spread their story through video. YouTube is beneficial for organizations when engaging with the Millennial generation. I think it will be interesting to see how Jenna uses video in creative and exciting ways to help spread the word for different causes.

MCON will be a chance for Millennials to interact with these thought leaders on a personal level. Hearing them speak on the ways they interact and promote their causes will inspire a new generation to interact with their chosen causes. Whether Millennials are involved with social media, the business world, or entertainment, there will be something for everyone at MCON13. Join me on July 18 to at MCON13. Learn more at