MCON13 is a chance for Millennials to engage with their favorite nonprofit and organization thought leaders. Each week leading up to MCON13 the Achieve staff members will be sharing what speakers they are looking forward to.


Lindsay Wheeler, Designer

Upon my recent graduation from college I have transitioned from a design intern into a designer for Achieve and MCON13. I have turned the page from Millennial student and into the career-focused chapter of my life. I am looking forward to hearing three speakers and learning about technology and various resources available to make an impact.


Justin Wheeler, LiNK

Wheeler plays a crucial role with the grassroots organization, Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). LiNK is focused on human rights and humanitarianism of refugees that are fighting for their lives each and every day.

As a part of this impact, Justin Wheeler uses creative and innovative strategies to target Millennials to bring awareness to the issues through media campaigns and trending technology. In various campaigns he has gathered thousands of students on college campuses around the nation to mobilize them for the better.

As a Millennial and previously a part of the “college student” demographic it interests me to hear more about Justin’s awareness campaign. I’m also interested in how connecting a specific group of people can extend its reach to be a part of a larger impact.

Nicole Roy-Tobin, Deloitte

Deloitte as an entire entity is dedicated to innovating organizational development. Deloitte University is focused on inclusion and working to develop every individual to make the greatest impact in their field.

As a Chief Learning Officer, Roy-Tobin had successfully worked towards the transformation of the education curriculum and protocol for talent development. Nicole has recently transitioned to the role of Director, Best Practices & Innovation at Deloitte. In this position she can continue to impact the movement of Millennial students to use their talents to make an impact and drive learning.

I went into my college program specifically for the unique program that encouraged innovative thinking. I felt that the program empowered me to work towards what I love in order to use my talents for the greater good. I am interested in hearing more on the impact she has made for this curriculum style and ways to foster this in the future.


Rachael Chong, Catchafire

Catchafire is an exciting organization that connects talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations. It is remarkably organized and has potential to exponentially impact the way organizations can connect with the resources they need and get others involved in their cause.

Amazingly, Rachael Chong founded the organization at age 27 and hasn’t stopped innovating from there. She continues to use her creativity to empower others, to be fearless, and to drive her passions to the limits. She channels her curiosity for the greater good and has made a huge impact in doing so.

Okay, so I am a little obsessed with Catchafire and the vision Rachael Chong has created. Once again, I am excited to see an organization that I can relate to and, in this case, become completely astounded by the innovation. Catchafire eliminates the hassle of a third person between the passionate talent and in-need social cause. Instead it connects the two and propels the involvement into passionate engagement. I am beyond excited to hear the advice Rachael Chong has surrounding making an impact, staying passionate, and mobilizing people towards involvement in social causes.

Without a doubt I am excited for these three speakers in particular, all of the talented and passionate speakers coming to share, and for the ideas I can use going forward into the workforce.


MCON13 will be a chance for Millennials to interact with these thought leaders on a personal level. Hearing them speak on the ways they interact and promote their causes will inspire a new generation to interact with their chosen causes. Whether Millennials are involved with social media, the business world, or entertainment, there will be something for everyone. Join me on July 18 at MCON13! Learn more at