This year, as an important resource and add-on to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, we’ve worked with Millennial employees across the country to conduct video-recording user tests. These tests allow the Millennial participant to browse communications, promotions, social media sites, websites and documents from a range of companies and voice their preferences on these materials.

Companies and employers can use this feedback and apply it to their own internal communications to better engage Millennial employees in company cause work. You can actually watch clips of Millennials to discover better insight into what the next generation workforce wants from company cause work.

Of course, you should take a look at these clips for yourself. But here are some things we’ve learned from these user tests:

Millennial employees were drawn to good design, but frustrated by lack of information.

In one clip, a tester was viewing a poster advertising an upcoming company service initiative. While the tester gave kudos to the design, she was clearly frustrated by the lack of information, which would result in her lack of participation.

Millennial employees appreciate and respond well to imagery.

 Rule of thumb: Millennials (and really anybody) can spot a stock photo a mile away. But real pictures of actual employees go a long way in attracting Millennial employee’s to reminders and promotions, as was the case in one of the user testing clips.

Millennial employees look for key words to illustrate cause work and corporate responsibility.

Phrases like “volunteering” and “environmentalism,” while not totally descriptive, are much better than just promoting your companies “good work.”

Learn more about how your company can better engage the Millennial workforce in cause and corporate responsibility initiatives. Take a look at the newly debuted User Testing clips. And if you haven’t yet, access the 2014 Millennial Impact Report and data highlights.