Need some inspiration to improve your donation page? Here’s some: Currently, the national average completion rate for donation pages is only at 22%. That means that only 22% of the people who go to your donation page are actually completing the transaction.

Depressing, right?

Don’t worry, you can beat those stats, but you have to be conscious of what will give the user a good experience on your website. Here are a few donation pages that we love and you can use for inspiration to improve your own.

Invisible Children

COLOR: Invisible Children use lively colors, evoking a calming feeling in combination with energetic photos. I especially like the blue on this page, since blue is a cool color and tends to make people feel comfortable. Avoid red on your donation page as it sometimes evokes negative feelings when tying it to money.

Livestrong Foundation

PHOTOS: Livestrong has a great landing page (first part of the graphic below) that connects to their donation page (second part of the graphic below) where it is branded with photos of people that they serve. Since Livestrong provides support for people affected by cancer, it’s a smart move on their part to connect their donors to the individuals they help in a visual way. Not only did they include photos, they made sure the feel of the page reflected their brand and style by using the tinted photos and yellow buttons.

Donation Pages-04

Obama Campaign

SIMPLICITY: I love showing this page as an example of a great donation form because it is so simple and user friendly. They have cut down the amount of information needed from donors to the bare minimum, which increases donation completion rates. It’s also helpful that the form shows the three steps that it takes to donate. Take a look at your donation form and ask yourself “what can we eliminate? Do we really need a phone number? Do we really need company? Do we really need city/state or can we auto-populate that field from the zip code?”

Donation Pages-02

World Wildlife Fund

GIFT OPTIONS: There are two things that are good to point out with this form. One is that they highlight the monthly giving option at the top of the page, which makes reoccurring giving easier for both the donor and the organization. They also give the option to decline a donor gift so that more money goes towards the cause. Donors love to be in control of their options, and this helps empower them.

Donation Pages-03

Charity: Water

FULL WIDTH: Charity: Water has a similar set up to Livestrong, where you go to the landing page (top section) and once you choose a dollar amount it brings you to the full form (bottom section). Notice the nice photos, colors, and simplicity, but another thing to note is that the form is full-width across the screen, which helps translate the webpage to a mobile device. A good rule of them is to look at your website on your phone and tablet device to see what it looks like and make sure it is simple and easy to fill out.

Donation Pages-01