By Derrick Feldmann

  1. Update yourself on how the donor interacts with the organization. What communication do they subscribe to, gifting history, what articles they have viewed from email newsletters, and what has been their attendance at events?
  2.        Develop a one pager that outlines your conversation into four compartments:a.  Recent Organization Accomplishments and Updatesb.  What is Happening with the Issue and/or Mission (Education, Etc.)c.  The Specific Need for Support Based Upon What is Happening to the Issue
    or Missiond.  How Dollars Will Be Specifically Used
  3.         Create an Impact Booklet – a portfolio of visuals and images donor dollars at work. If donor has supported previously share how their dollars have made a difference.
  4.            Develop a list of three donor opportunities with gift amounts and how the gifts can transform the organization. Example: How will $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 each transform the organization?
  5.         List three contacts that you want to meet and how the major donor could help facilitate introductions.