If the RacePartner team had a nickel for every time a race director told us about a broken promise from their current provider, well, let’s just say that a few members of our team would have settled into retirement by now.

We’ve heard it all: Flash mob registration crashing, clunky registration pages cluttered with ads, automated customer service that confuses more than it helps, and finally, the ever popular, “I’m sorry but according to our contract we can sell this data”. We’ve compiled some of the broken promises that we keep hearing about other providers so you will know which registration platforms to avoid.

1. Your provider said your event would be customized, then gave you a generic template. Good luck!

  • One size fits all doesn’t really fit anyone. At RacePartner we don’t believe in giving you a couple of templates that have been used by hundreds of other races. If you want your race to be as successful as it can be, you need a program that’s customized to your unique brand, voice and style. All of our solutions are customizable for our clients, and our project managers conduct a thorough consultation to understand and address your needs so we can tailor our platform around your requirements.

2. Your provider said their customer service team would be there for you, but the only response you’re getting is from an automated response system.

  • Building you a solution and leaving is like abandoning your training plan two months before the race: It won’t help you reach your goals. RacePartner is your team, your coach and your cheerleader. Need some extra help on race day? You can request on-site RacePartner support for your event. We have the only full-service project account management team in the industry. We’re there with you from beginning-to-end.

3. Your provider’s social media marketing promised to get you registrants.

  • One of the most popular sells in the event business is the “free” marketing you get with your provider’s “social media tools”. Race directors have so many responsibilities that social media marketing sounds like a great bonus. Unfortunately, the truth is social media doesn’t drive registrations, doesn’t drive fundraising and is generally a waste of resources. How do we know? We’ve actually done the research on social media fundraising. The truth is, real marketing requires research and discovery.

4. I don’t know what you thought you heard, but your data is now the property of [insert your provider here].

  • Unlike other providers, RacePartner is only in one business – making our event partners successful. We do not have a participant facing side of our business, which means we do not market to, or sell to participants that register for your events, nor sell against your event with competing events. You own all of your data from registrations! We will never use the registrant data or sell that data to third parties. Ever. You want us to destroy the data after you’ve pulled the relevant year’s information from our system? Done!

5. Multi-year contracts are an industry standard.

  • False. Even cell phone companies are doing away with multi-year contracts. It’s worth asking, why lock yourself into a multi-year contract only to not be able to break it despite a breach? Don’t be strong-armed by your provider. If they’ve breached, you should be able to cancel. Period.

We understand that change is difficult, even when you’ve been a victim of broken and unfulfilled promises. Even if you’re just in the planning stage, let’s have a conversation about whether we could be a good fit for your event.