MCON13 is a chance for Millennials to engage with their favorite nonprofit and organization thought leaders. Each week leading up to MCON13 the Achieve staff members will be sharing what speakers they are looking forward to. 

Lara Brainer-Banker, Senior Designer

Although we have a stellar list of speakers for MCON13, I am particularly excited about three women who have peaked my interest in how they have mobilized the Millennial generation for good.





Danielle Deabler | NPR

Everyone knows and loves SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive), a legendary annual conference bringing together the top creative thought leaders in the digital world. Deabler recognized the power and influence of Millennial creatives and used this venue as a platform for launching Generation Listen, a marketing initiative to attract younger listeners to NPR. One of the main takeaways that she has gathered from her work with Generation Listen is that although Millennials value social media, they also have a strong need for in-person connection, which is something that can sometimes be forgotten. Her goal for the initiative was to take Millennials and connect them face-to-face with the NPR journalists that they hear and love every day on the radio. This not only reinforces their connection to the programs, but also the value of being informed individuals. Deabler said something that I thought was very insightful to the Millennial generation, which is that “this is a generation that gets super, super attached to causes.” What will it take to make your cause the one that Millennials get attached to?

Generation Listen

Azita Ardakani | Lovesocial

Ardakaniis incredibly inspirational to me and I love the way she uses film and art to promote causes. She is 25 and founded Lovesocial as an organization focused on invigorating love and a positive attitude towards others. Ardakaniuses social media, film, photography, and other art to generate interest in causes that reflect that mission. Her motto for Lovesocial is “connecting people with things that matter” and her passion proves that there is power behind the initiative. Ardakanihas partnered with Generation Listen as well as many film and fashion projects that encourage vales such as healthy self-identity and using creatives to solve problems around the world. You won’t want to miss the energy and enthusiasm that Ardakanibrings to the table.

Check out this video on one of the projects that Lovesocial was involved with, using students in Texas to help solve hunger issues in the US.

Nadira Hira | Fortune & Thoughtfully

I am so pleased to say that Hira is the glue who will be bringing the whole MCON13 conference together. Hira is a writer at heart and is a contributor for Fortune, Essence and Smithsonian. Hira has keen insight on Millennials, being one herself and having years of experience learning how to best engage them. She will be one of our moderators and is someone who not only takes chances, but also inspires change in Millennials. I know that Hira has some great questions up her sleeve for our speakers and as a fellow creative, I cannot wait to hear what she adds to the MCON13 experience.

Check out some of Hira’s thoughts and rants on Thoughtfully.

MCON13 will be a chance for Millennials to interact with these thought leaders on a personal level. Hearing them speak on the ways they interact and promote their causes will inspire a new generation to interact with their chosen causes. Whether Millennials are involved with social media, the business world, or entertainment, there will be something for everyone at MCON13. Join me on July 18 to at MCON13. Learn more at