By: Steven Kless, Web Developer

Life is too short to dread going to work every day. I’ve worked for bigger companies that seemed to operate on stress. The work may have been fine, but something was missing. I quickly learned that if I was going to be happy in my professional life, I needed to find an environment that didn’t make my hair turn grey before I was 30. This realization hit me while I was sitting at my desk following a mandatory one-hour lunch break: Culture!

I needed to find a place where the culture would help alleviate my stress, not add to it.

I did my research (a.k.a. skimming Reddit threads), and wasn’t very optimistic that I’d find a Facebook-type culture in South Florida. I wasn’t going to leave my job for a similar situation; it needed to be a place where I’d do meaningful work and feel like I was making a difference. Finally, after some digging, I stumbled upon Achieve, a research and marketing agency for causes. Ten minutes into the first interview, I knew this was a place that took itself seriously but still maintained a delightfully wacky personality. For starters, it wasn’t your typical 1-on-1 interview with human resources. It started with was a panel of cross-functional employees who shared their stories of discovering Achieve and the gratification they felt when helping a company further their cause for social good.

The rest of the interview process only confirmed my first impression. The offer to join the company came after I had a chance to meet with everyone, from the development team to the CEO. The interview process wasn’t structured this way to shake my confidence, it was done to ensure that I was a fit for the company’s culture.

It’s been over a year now, and I (and my hair) are extremely happy that I followed my intuition and didn’t settle for the “culture” at the larger company I left. I’m encouraged to ask questions and question the answers of others because we operate in an ego-free zone. If I need to work remotely for a day because something came up, no problem. If I need to take a vacation to give my brain a recharge, our unlimited time-off policy is there for me. And I’ve become an expert marksman with NERF guns – a person only needs to get caught in the crossfire once before you learn to expect the unexpected.

Now is the time for you to join a rising star in the technology industry. The accessibility to management is remarkable. Sharing a coffee run with the CEO is a weekly occurrence. There is nothing more rewarding to me than contributing a good idea and seeing its value take hold immediately. At the heart of our success is our Agile Scrum methodology that ensures close cooperation with divisions, team members and management.

We are an actual team, and we will never let you stress by yourself.

If you’re tired of forced fun disguised in fake culture, now’s the time to make the switch. We’re always looking for employees who fit our culture and can bring value to our organization. I’ll see you on the second floor!

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