Less than two weeks ago, Achieve partnered with our friends at Indy Hub to produce a first-of-its-kind event here in Indianapolis. Indy Redefined brought together local visionaries, idealists and creatives who are effectively transforming traditional industries and causes in their community.

Beyond being an incredible relationship-building opportunity for folks in the Indy area, this event gave a platform to some pretty incredible speakers. And those of us in attendance got to experience these individuals in an intimate, creative setting.


In complete honesty, it would be impossible to pick a favorite speaker. Each brought their own unique story to the stage. Local speakers touched on how they’re redefining and pushing the traditional industries they encounter in Indy. Ranging from beer and soccer to fashion and banking, we left with a better knowledge of where Indy is going and a few of the movements getting us there.


On a national level, Indy Redefined flew in some amazing individuals, including Julie Keefe, the Creative Laureate of Portland, Oregon, as well as Juan Sepúlveda, Senior Vice President of Station Services for PBS.



Indy Redefined (#reINDY) trended locally on Twitter, and it’s easy to see why when you see some of the words and wisdom each speaker brought to the stage.

In the end, we all left Indy Redefined a little more proud of the city we call home. Our shared pride in Indy is the result of some of the incredible people, companies, nonprofit organizations and community initiatives constantly working to make this city better for visitors, current residents and the thousands predicted to move into the city in the coming decade.


We’re also thankful for the speakers who flew to Indy to share what they’re doing to redefine old industries and communities. It’s through the ideas shared at Indy Redefined that we all grow more inspired and more called to act.


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