AUGUST_BLOG_`I have heard stories from people about their first internship experience. Usually depicting not-so-good scenarios, like how you are overworked, underpaid, and mainly just used as a gofer and assigned tedious tasks that no one in their right mind would ever want to do. Luckily… this was not my experience.
During my internship at Achieve, I have been exposed widely to the design-working world, from client projects to event management. However, I feel the most important takeaways are what I have learned about myself and how to make my first internship a fulfilling one. Here are some tactics I took to really make my time at Achieve worthwhile:

— Observe —

The main thing that I have tried to keep in mind during my time as an intern at Achieve is that I am here to learn. So, the first thing that I was sure to do is observe. Initially watching how everything runs and functions in the office was the best way to understand what the flow is like in the office and what was expected of me.

— Know Your Resources —

I am in a learning environment, so questions are expected. But it is just as important to know resources for answers. Whether my answers were found through my teammates, websites, or forums, being inquisitive and researching solutions to different problems really allowed me to learn faster.

— Get Out of Your Comfort Zone —

Coming into this opportunity open-minded and flexible really allowed me grow as a designer and an employee. Being ready for anything and knowing that I was diving into a completely new experience made me act as a sponge and soak up as much as possible.

Being mindful of these main ideas made me much more confident in my work and allowed me to gain a positive experience during my first internship. I am now looking forward to implementing everything that I have learned at Achieve for future positions and experiences as I continue to grow as a designer and a person.