HeidiJewell_wTitle copy 1Guest post by Heidi Jewell

Quality imagery and consistency with smart branding are vital for any organization trying to tell a story visually. Visuals are a powerful tool for communicating what you do and should never be overlooked.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, an instant connection through imagery is important and should make clear sense on arrival. Associating your brand and story with a simple and clean aesthetic also makes an attractive impression.

The key is to connect with others on an emotional level, and using beautiful photography or video content is an effective way to do that.

The popularity of visual platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest is a hat tip to this notion: We respond to quick visuals that tell a story and make us feel something. The clear vision and voice of an organization’s brand must showcase through everything they do and all platforms they’re on. Your brand is your image, and the visuals serve as a face.

While keeping quality imagery at the forefront, visuals that also invoke a positive emotion in us are key. A personal touch is incredibly significant, yet needs to be authentic for any organization to gain new business and awareness. People want to believe and trust in your brand, and that’s more attainable by consistently utilizing attractive imagery that tells an effective and relatable story.

Organizations should always aim to create new stories, and with the help of intriguing imagery, their fans will listen.

Heidi Jewell is a Nashville-based photographer, writer and host/producer on the PBS Digital web series, “You Ought to Know Nashville,” which she launched in partnership with Nashville Public Television. You can see her work everywhere, from Vogue Paris and Elle to CNN and Nylon. Keep up with her at Under the Guise. At MCON14, Heidi will be part of an interactive panel on how to redefine work culture to build stronger businesses.