Our growing team represents decades of experience in research, technology, creative and strategy for causes, companies and events alike. For our clients, we are more than a vendor or a consultant. We become a partner in your mission and a champion in your success.


Together, our powers combine to help you learn more, do more and change more – for good. 

  • Clay Williams
    Clay Williams CEO
  • Derrick Feldmann
    Derrick Feldmann President
  • Kimberly Boyd
    Kimberly Boyd Chief Strategy Officer
  • Georgianne Brown
    Georgianne Brown Chief Marketing Officer
  • John Studdard
    John Studdard Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson Executive Vice President
  • Mariana Williams
    Mariana Williams Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Hayley Lerner
    Hayley Lerner Senior Project Manager
  • Dave Ragsdale
    Dave Ragsdale RacePartner Solutions Specialist
  • Monte Lambert
    Monte Lambert Vice President of Solutions
  • Carrie McDonald
    Carrie McDonald Director of Agency Services
  • Rai Masuda
    Rai Masuda Director of Integrated Marketing
  • Amy Thayer
    Amy Thayer Director of Research
  • Christian Carannante
    Christian Carannante Director of Creative Services
  • Michael Carman
    Michael Carman Director of Software Development
  • Billy Davis
    Billy Davis Director of Support Services
  • Celeste Franklin
    Celeste Franklin Client Relationship Manager
  • Hillary Celebi
    Hillary Celebi Senior Designer
  • Melissa Wall
    Melissa Wall Research Associate