Case Study:

Achieve Rebrand



In 2014 Achieve merged with Forte Interactive, a recognized leader in digital websites for nonprofits. Achieve’s research became the driving force behind Forte Interactive’s technology, creative and strategy solutions. As Achieve’s national profile grew through its focus on causes, The Millennial Impact Project and MCON, rebranding Achieve as the parent company reflected the organization’s commitment to inspiring thoughtful action and driving lasting change. a rebrand of Forte Interactive was necessary to reflect the ongoing growth of the organization.


The Achieve rebrand team developed a six-month plan to ensure that the company’s new brand communicated its true voice and mission, and that the company was speaking in a unified voice. The strategy included quantitative and qualitative research with clients and staff to develop the new identity; messaging development of assets like a tagline, mission statement, brand statement, approach to services and more; multiple focus group sessions to test the messaging; visual identity development; the creation and execution of an in-depth communication plan to keep internal and external stakeholders informed of progress; and a deployment strategy ensuring all of Achieve’s outward facing materials included its new identify by the public launch date.


Over the six month period, the team learned that the most effective way to successfully rebrand an organization is from the ground up. It is critically important that employees of all levels are involved in such an undertaking as it empowers them to take ownership in the company they work for, and a strong internal communication process is vital to move from creation to execution.


Achieve launched the new brand on June 21 at MCON 2016. The rebrand team led the initiative, but collaboration from the entire company was necessary for the new brand to achieve success.

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