Case Study:

Alzheimer’s Community Care



Alzheimer’s Community Care is a community based 501(c)(3) organization that provides specialized care services for patients and caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related neurocognitive disorders. In addition to providing compassionate care in a community environment, the organization is dedicated to raising local and national awareness for their cause. It is very important that their patients and caregivers receive updates on new caregiving techniques, educational events and support opportunities. Alzheimer’s Community Care continues to help younger patients and caregivers navigate the disease process, so it’s vital that they have the tools necessary to reach multiple generations of patients and caregivers.


In order to provide their clients with the resources they need, like the Alzheimer’s Community Care quarterly magazine and monthly Care a Gram, we developed a clean design and responsive website that is easy to navigate. Receiving donations, event management and an engaging photo gallery are other solutions that we implemented so Alzheimer’s Community Care could raise awareness and support for their special events, like their yearly advocacy trip to the Florida State Legislature in Tallahassee.


Because of the technology and creative services we provide Alzheimer’s Community Care, the organization is now in a better position to be able to attract more online donations and followers. We value working with partners like Alzheimer’s Community Care because they are so passionate about the work they do. They are always looking for new ways to inspire thoughtful action and drive lasting change for their mission. Their passion, combined with our tools, continues to expand and excite their audience in new ways. As their technology partner, we take pride in their mission and revel in their success.


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