Case Study:

Corrigan Sports



Corrigan Sports has 40 events nationwide, including 15 large-scale races. They typically have over 60,000 participants a year, with an annual growth of 10 percent per race. With such a large volume of registrants, Corrigan Sports needed a provider who could provide a custom solution for multiple events and handle a large volume of merchandising. “There were a lot of broken and unfulfilled promises over the years with different partners that we have had,” said Lee Corrigan, president of Corrigan Sports. How could RacePartner serve the needs of a unique event series that required special workflows and integrations like Corrigan Sports?


As RacePartner learned more about Corrigan Sports’ pain with other providers it became clear that a simple, clean platform would allow their employees to focus on the race itself, without worrying about breakdowns in registration or merchandising. With a wide spectrum of races, the RacePartner team presented a solution that allowed Corrigan Sports to include all the features they needed, and none that they didn’t. Corrigan Sports ties a couple of their races together, i.e., a half marathon and a 5K, and offers people the opportunity to both in the same day. The RacePartner team helped them execute the logistics of this registration setup to ensure the entire process was clean and efficient.


The team relay concept is another feature other providers had struggled with. Transferring bibs and name changes can be a challenge as race day approaches, especially if your event does not have a large staff to help manage the database. RacePartner’s partnership with Corrigan Sports allowed us to customize a team relay feature that removed all of the confusion and enabled their team to manage a simple team relay registration process.


RacePartner and Corrigan Sports teamed up in 2013, and we couldn’t be happier that RacePartner’s ease of customization continues to make event management easier for Corrigan Sports. Their team sees tremendous value in the customization because it allows their 25 employees to focus on the race itself, without worrying about breakdowns in registration or merchandising. Our teams have also grown quite fond of each other, but don’t take our word for it.

“Working with the RacePartner staff has been great. Whether it comes down to an accounting question that we have or a registration platform that needs to be manipulated or customized, they’ve really been there for us. Also, one of the features is they’ve had people come out to our races to make sure, especially during our first events after we made the switch over that everything ran smoothly. And it did.” – Lee Corrigan, president of Corrigan Sports


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