Case Study:




GhostBed was looking for a way to generate brand awareness and increase sales. One of their main barriers was standing out amongst over 45 online competitors whose consumers are loyal to their mattress brand. Millennials were one of GhostBed’s primary targets and the $750 cost for a queen size mattress was an obstacle that they had to overcome if they were going to reach younger buyers. Articulating their value proposition on social media presented a major challenge since everyone has an opinion on how a mattress should feel. Potential buyers were also unable to try the mattress before buying it.


Using email lists and GhostBed’s existing customer base, our digital marketing team built a campaign that focused on consumer’s sequential patterns on different social media channels. We utilized all of Facebook’s various advertising tools to reach GhostBed’s specific targets and were able to customize the message and ads based on the potential buyer’s online behavior. To better engage millennial buyers we recommended that GhostBed offer flexible payment plans to provide millennial’s with an easier path to ownership.


Our campaign didn’t create customers, it created over 10 lifelong relationships with real people. We helped GhostBed establish themselves as a lifestyle brand while disrupting an established industry with our unorthodox marketing approach. Even Facebook highlighted our work as a success story. Over the course of our campaign GhostBed enjoyed:


  • 8x return on video advertising
  • 5x return on carousel advertising
  • 25x decrease in cost per lead

The digital marketing team didn’t look at GhostBed as just a mattress, we looked at it as a belief in leveraging technology and experience to ensure the best quality night’s sleep.

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