Case Study:

Indiana Humanities



For the past six years, Indiana Humanities has been focused on rebuilding a fundraising program. During this building focus, the organization’s fundraising model was based on building a portfolio of events and themed programs to gain support and the trust of the corporate and philanthropic foundation community. Although gifts from individual major donors were secured, they were limited and from a niche group of individuals that participated deeply in the programs of the organization.


As part of its rebuilding efforts, Indiana Humanities’ leadership has been dedicated to creating a fundraising program over time that focused on program participants, first-time donors and corporate engagement.


Indiana Humanities partnered with Achieve to craft an in-depth, three-year development and stewardship plan that would help the organization reach its goals. Achieve outlined the goals, strategies and tactics Indiana Humanities will use to leverage an endowment while also increasing its capacity to execute fundraising approaches.


Achieve determined three specific goals for Indiana Humanities to work toward over the next three years, focusing on individual donors, high-impact/major donors and corporate/foundation support. Within each goal, Achieve outlined a number of strategies and tactics focused on fundraising and stewardship that the organization will be able to follow in order to be in a position to best reach its goals.


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