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Millennial Voices



Millennials (born 1980-2000) are rapidly shaping the culture, opportunities and future of our cities. With millennials accounting for more than a quarter of our nation’s population, in the next few years millennial preferences will no longer be just preferences—they’ll be the norm.


If companies and organizations in cities want to engage millennials as the next generation of successful business, nonprofit and community leaders, they must first learn to better understand their preferences.


Through the support of a fellowship from Plan 2020, the City of Indianapolis’ bicentennial agenda, IndyHub, an advocate for Indy’s twenty-/thirty-somethings, and Achieve partnered to study millennial preferences in Indianapolis, Ind. Through the study, Achieve looked into how Indianapolis millennials view their neighborhoods, workplaces and the communities where they live, work and play. The study also explored how they believe they can impact the city and how they hope to see it change over the next five years. The final report gave IndyHub – as well as companies, organizations and civic leaders in Indianapolis – detailed information on the city’s millennial population and how they view the place they call home.


Across the globe, we see millennials transforming workplace culture, civic engagement and community involvement. Indy is no different, and, in general, millennials are happy with the city and remain optimistic for its future. Many of them are fulfilled with the cultural, professional and civic aspects of their life in Indy. However, they still believe other elements of Indy can be improved. Armed with this data, city leaders can take certain actions to activate the potential of this generation, and other cities across the country can view this research as a starting point to garner a better understanding of their own millennial population.


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