We told you we can’t keep a secret when it comes to the remarkable thought leaders who will be speaking at MCON 2016. (Note: We forgive you if you missed the first round of speaker unveilings – but just this once.) But let’s get right to what you came here for.


Ayesha Barenblat is the founder of Remake, a start-up focused on the power of films, visual storytelling and immersive journeys to create a conscious consumer movement. Remake’s stories appeal to the hearts and minds of millennial consumers to advocate for the human beings who make our clothes in factories around the world.

Ayesha loves to ask, “If you see her, meet her, get to know her, will you care about her? Knowing that she is the same age as you, with hopes and dreams that are no different?” She wants every consumer to recognize how powerful they are, that every purchase matters and directly impacts the fierce and hard working women behind our fashion. Together we can #remakeourworld.

Ayesha is passionate about where things come from, who made them and what their lives are like. She has spent the last decade working with brands, governments, and nonprofits to improve the lives of makers in global supply chains.


Ryan Scott is an entrepreneur and technologist with a passion for leveraging capitalism to create positive social change.

As the co-founder of NetCreations, Ryan is widely considered the father of opt-in email marketing, setting most of the standards in use today and paving the way for laws banning unsolicited commercial email. After he and his business partner took the company public and sold it in 2001, Ryan founded Causecast, the leading cause engagement platform that helps companies of all sizes reach unprecedented levels of social impact and employee engagement. The interactive, mobile and social platform empowers companies’ most powerful brand ambassadors, their people, to lead and give back by connecting them in the workplace to the causes they care about. The platform offers workforce matching donations, volunteering including dollars for doers, in-kind giving, pro bono, board service, disaster response, reporting and custom campaigns which leverage Story Capture, social media and automation.


Lansie Sylvia is a tornado of sparkles, curls, and great ideas, specializing in community activation, engagement, and social responsibility. As Director of Engagement for Here’s My Chance, a creative agency that works exclusively with nonprofits and socially responsible businesses, she leads the agency’s external communication strategy, works with clients on communication projects, and builds new community partnerships. She currently serves as HMC’s Project Director for Next Stop: Democracy!

Lansie is also the founder of Philly Give & Get, a volunteer-run organization that promotes nonprofit partners and raises funds to support them via live-auction events in the Greater Philadelphia Area. For her work with Philly Give & Get, she was selected as a 2013 Social Impact Fellow by the University of Pennsylvania and a grant recipient at the 2013 ReGenerate Philly Summit. To date, G&G has distributed more than $20,000 to nonprofit organizations that help kids grow, learn, create, and play.


David Smith believes in the power of the American people to collectively innovate for the greater good, and he has spent his career empowering leaders to forge cross-sector solutions to community challenges. Service, love of nation, and civic engagement have always been an integral part of his life. While at the University of California, Berkeley, David founded and directed Mobilize.org, a national organization that has engaged over 200,000 young adults to improve democracy by inspiring, equipping, and investing in Millennial led solutions to community problems.

David has advised or consulted for Bipartisan Policy Center, Cal Alumni Association, California Forward, Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, Causes.com, Concord Coalition, Davenport Institute, Fuse Corps, Independent Sector, Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Points of Light, ProInspire, Reimagining Service, The Corps Network, and others.


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