Recently I had the exciting opportunity to be a part of the re:build 2014 audience this year. The re:build conference addresses web building and interaction with a holistic approach, whether it is the design and layout, communication, or back-end coding aspect of the online world. So, there was something for every attendee to absorb and be inspired by. Personally, every speaker had fantastic advice that I could implement into my own work. But here are 3 things that I feel every speaker had something to say about.

Yes, your schedule can be crazy and time consuming. Yes, you have a lot of deadlines. No, you don’t have time for anything. Or do you? It is always important to remember that there is always time to be respectful towards your team and those who support you. You need their support and they need yours. Even though work may be a constant overwhelming flow, it should be a positive one. Connect and learn from others and they, in turn, will connect and learn from you.
What can you do today that would make your tomorrow better? Take time to analyze and reevaluate the little things that may be too time consuming. How can you make that time more productive and have your work increase in efficiency? Create a balance with projects that have a strict structure and those that employ more freedom and creativity. Doing this will help develop your work and prevent it from becoming static, as well as you.
Even though we are incredibly swamped with our busy thoughts and deeds, it is important to put the hectic mindset aside and create things for yourself as much as possible. How is one supposed to grow as an individual if they do not know what they are capable of? If they only do what is needed? Make challenges for yourself and follow through. Explore. Evolve. Enjoy. And good things will happen.