By Hannah Staton, Achieve Client and Social Media Associate

Last night was our second #SMindyNP, a “tweetup” for everyone in Indy interested in nonprofits and social media. Indy’s a plugged-in city when it comes to social media, and it’s our hope that #SMindyNP can intersect the nonprofit community with the social media community– and man, last night did not disappoint! So many wonderful people interested in taking nonprofit social media to the next level came out from both from nonprofits and companies.

A big thank you to everyone who came, had a beer, met some new people, and overall made the tweetup such a blast. I hope to see everyone again at the next tweetup, and I hope everyone spreads the word so it continues to grow.

If you missed the tweetup, feel free to follow the attendees using this Twitter list, and check out the #SMindyNP hashtag.