Here at Achieve we have a strong results driven culture which includes innovation, partnership and empowerment. Our vacation policy reflects that. We recognize the need for employees to take time away from the office to creatively recharge, and that not everyone works the best during traditional 9 to 5 office hours. We also believe in taking personal responsibility for managing our own time, workload, and of course, doing whatever it takes to get results!

To that end, we’ve adopted an Unlimited PTO policy, in which each employee is afforded the flexibility to take vacation, take time off for illness and shift schedules as necessary to increase performance.

Our Policy

  • We do not limit the number of days our employees can take off.
  • Employees are welcome to shift their schedules to match their work style, to maximize performance.

Your Responsibilities

  • Keep your coworkers and managers informed. Let your colleagues know at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule when you’ll be on vacation, and report in on days you need to be out unexpectedly. The philosophy is to never leave your coworkers or our clients hanging.
  • Be available when you’re needed. Customer calls, staff meetings and other time sensitive responsibilities must be covered regardless of your personal work schedule. If you have planned time off, make sure to coordinate with your coworkers to have coverage for any of your responsibilities during that time off.
  • Be productive, innovative and respectful. You are employed by Achieve, which means you are the best at what you do – we expect top-tier performance, and this policy is in place to ensure the company operates at peak effectiveness, and can grow exponentially.

We believe that we have a team of employees that understands the value this policy offers and, as such, will not abuse it. The goal is to remove the fear, stress and possible stigma of taking days off, and to provide people with the means to produce their best work at Achieve.

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