Given exceptional reviews and popular demand,
Velocity: Fundraising & Marketing for Causes is now available for your city.

Are your city’s causes missing out on dollars because they don’t understand their donors, or because their messaging and design are ineffective? Would you know if they were?



Velocity, presented by Achieve, helps your city’s organizations learn how to better understand and reach donors. The program includes five 90-minute, in-depth training sessions throughout the year. Your city’s causes need Velocity if …

  • Their solicitations don’t tell a story


  • Their appeals use the words “our” or “us” instead of “you” and “your”


  • They need a consistent, cross-channel message


  • They want to understand how design affects their ability to raise funds


  • They haven’t been able to differentiate their organization


  • They want to test variable data or segmentation but don’t know how


  • They want to discover how their donors’ past behaviors can affect their future giving


  • They want to use social media or digital platforms to reach donors


  • Their solicitations need a new approach in order to increase donations


  • They need a structured timeline for their year-end campaign


  • They need a research-based approach to their year-end efforts

Causes in past Velocity programs saw increases in average gift amounts, response rates, total gifts, dollars raised and more – and they’re now able to apply these successful messaging and design concepts to future campaigns.

  • “Achieve greatly helped our fundraising process, and we were very happy overall with Achieve’s efforts and deliverables. The angle the Achieve team took in this year’s end-of-year materials was unlike anything we have used before, which inspires our team to look for different stories in future appeals.”

    Lauren Brown Auberle
  • “Our year-end appeal this year drove our board members to make contributions earlier – in December instead of June. The Velocity program taught our staff a lot about focusing the message and using a real person to draw an emotional connection with donors.”

    Rene Conrad New Hazlett Theater
  • “With Achieve’s help, our end-of-year campaign raised $25,000 more than our year-end last year. We will definitely be using the layout and messaging concepts we learned from Achieve in our upcoming campaign materials.”

    Jennifer Drayton North Hills Community Outreach

Velocity can be tailored to your city’s needs. This program offers the following components:

A five-part public series open to all organizations in your city focused on:


Donor and constituent behavior




Digital fundraising & marketing




Multichannel campaigns

A cohort program for a handful of selected organizations to:


provide small group collaboration


1:1 coaching


a multichannel year-end campaign

Velocity fully equips causes in your city with the ability to plan, create and execute compelling fundraising and awareness campaigns. This is your opportunity to expand fundraising and marketing success for organization’s that make your city a better place to live, work and visit.

Meet the Instructors

Lead Instructor:


Achieve President Derrick Feldmann is a sought-after speaker, researcher and advisor for cause and corporate social responsibility engagement. He has helped causes such as PBS, United Way Toronto, Action for Healthy Kids, Case Foundation and The Chronicle of Philanthropy to understand how donors, activists and employees are redefining causes and fundraising.

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