It’s important for your event to be successful. A sellout is a problem every event director wants to have, but what happens when everyone tries to register at the same time?

This phenomenon is called a flash crowd.

If your event experiences a flash crowd it may cause your registration system to be overwhelmed by the demand created by all of your faithful participants. This can result in a significant number of frustrated customers who can’t get in to register or worse, aren’t able to complete a registration that they started.

At RacePartner we are encountering a growing number of events that do flash crowd registration. Many are selling out in hours and some in as little as four minutes. We have developed technology to detect and manage events with flash crowds in a way that maintains an excellent customer experience, not only for the event experiencing the flash crowd but for the hundreds of other events that may be open at the same time. Our unique approach consists of three elements:

  1. Planning: Forecasting Event Needs with Load Forecasting and Testing

Flash crowds are rarely a surprise. RacePartner analyzes many factors to identify events that may experience a flash crowd. We review historical registration patterns, marketing activity and social media just to name a few. Once we identify an event our systems engineers go to work. Thorough testing is important because a surge of participants attempting to register at the moment your registration is launched can cause system failures like long site delays, incomplete registrations, duplicate registrations and users receiving error messages.

  1. Capacity: Expanding Capacity with Cloud Technology

At RacePartner our systems engineers will anticipate the potential load that we expect to see if the event were to sell out in a few minutes. With this data in hand our engineers will allocate capacity in our private cloud environment to handle more than the anticipated traffic.

Dedicated capacity insures that the flash crowd event will not be impacted by normal registration traffic from other events and it protects those events from any impact from the flash crowd event.

Next we test. RacePartner uses the latest load testing technology to insure that the dedicated capacity is sufficient to handle the worst case scenario. The process is repeated until the team is fully satisfied that all performance metrics meet expectations.

  1. Service: Proactive Monitoring

The final step is proactive monitoring. Once registration launches our engineers monitor real time network and server performance. Engineers can dynamically increase cloud resources if needed to insure a smooth registration process.

Event directors need a registration provider who understands industry trends and is willing to build a custom solution for their unique event. Learn more about RacePartner’s success with flash crowd registration by reading TD Beach to Beacon 10K Selling Out In Under 5 Minutes With RacePartner™ RegistrationCan Your Endurance Event Be Too Successful? and Rush Registration/Sell-Out Event Management. Don’t let popularity crash your event!

“RacePartner has helped me move sell-outs from four months, to four weeks, to four days, to four hours.”
– Sean Ryan, Door County Triathlon