Your story matters. Let’s tell it like it does.
by Isaac Pellerin, Digital Strategist, Achieve.


I’m excited to have joined the Achieve team as a Digital Strategist and Consultant (yeah I’m figuring out what that means too). Since I’ve got some work to do in building my audience for this blog, this post will address the audience who’s going to care the most about its contents. Hi Mom!

So what is a digital strategist?

It’s an important question to wrestle with because technology can be an incredible distraction. Advances in communication technologies provide channels for organizations to tell their stories to a larger audience. The potential is there to keep people so engaged in a cause that they’re willing to give of their time, energy, and money to bring on the change the organization so desperately wants to see. But the key is in how you use those channels to tell your story…or better yet, how you use those channels to build a community of storytellers.

I like to think of myself as a digital storyteller. A great author understands how to appropriately use literary devices that will connect with the reader. Likewise, I strive to understand the role our websites, blogs, email, facebook pages, twitter feeds, direct mail, letters, and phone calls play in telling the story of great organizations. Technology can cloud our vision and keep us from understanding the purpose of telling a good story. We can be easily impressed with the technology used to tell a story, but I believe people would much rather be moved by the story being told.

Nonprofit organizations have some of the best stories to tell and there is a direct correlation between their ability to tell the story of their organization and their ability to generate long-term support for the cause they care so much about.

That’s where I come in. Your story matters! It’s the fuel that propels your organization forward.

So for my mom, here’s my (hopefully) generation-agnostic answer for what I do as a digital strategist:

I help organizations tell their story in compelling ways through the channels that are most affective in advancing their cause.